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How to find insurance tailor made for your business, whatever your size or specialism.
How to find insurance tailor made for your business, whatever your size or specialism.

How do you choose an insurance broker for traders insurance?

What do you value the most when it comes to traders insurance online? The deals and offers? Tips and advice and someone that you know will always be there for you? How about trust? Knowing a broker is working on your behalf, rather than themselves. If you need to  learn more about traders with convictions see our page about points.

What benefits do TradeWell offer both new and established traders?

If you're an experienced motor trader, dealing with a specialist broker who knows what you're talking about, makes all the difference. Your time is better spent dealing with clients rather than chatting on the phone describing your insurance needs. Which is why getting a better offer and cheaper traders insurance premiums at TradeWell is not a time consuming exercise.

Even if you are a new motor trade, have convictions, or are under the age of 25, you are equally supported throughout your trade insurance application.

Finding insurance tailor made for your business, whatever your size or specialism.

No matter how niche your motor trade business, comparing traders insurance online is our speciality. Owner drivers, fleet managers, large hauliers and part time mechanics know their business coverage and policy is tailored to them. We derive policy particulars from your company's needs.

If you only need all road risks, breakdown recovery, certain mileage areas and replacement vehicle that's what you get. If you own premises or rent, then a combined traders insurance quote will be better. Both can include all risks. Policy parts will include all vehicles whether all the same or multiple vehicle type. Own one or more buildings? An engineering inspection for each as standard. Need one class of Goods in Transit cover or all three, we'll inform you which. For an expert opinion and all the facts s have a look at our information.

Coverage under the best traders insurance quote will extend to plant machinery, parts and stock needed to maintain customer or own vehicles. Theft and fire cover will also be arranged for portable hand tools and vehicles either on the road, parked overnight or when visiting customer based locations. Our public liability insurance will cover you legally, as will employer's liability insurance and indemnity insurance. More importantly, it will be to the correct sum should a claim be made against your business or an employee. In the event an accident occurs, a full legal team to represent you and a 24 hour helpline to answer questions or update clauses.

How do I get traders insurance tailor made for my business?

The best traders insurance premium is not the cheapest nor the quickest. It takes three parts, your information, a specialist broker and top UK underwriters to assemble. To receive a quote and cover today, complete our brief enquiry form and we'll enable you to TradeWell now and into the future.

How to learn more about traders insurance

There are four main ways to find out more about motor trade insurance.
Firstly, you can search the internet online and look for companies that supply this type of business cover. There are companies like One Sure Crowthorne   DNA Insurance Unicom and Tradewise that offer this. If you have a CCJ then there are more specialist insurers such as Tradex. This type of insurer will cover if you have a DR10 Drink Drive conviction or even an IN10 with no bonus or even a criminal conviction. They will often offer premiums at a higher rate and will use a site called check my licence to see that the licence is valid and has not be refused.

Motor Trade Insurance with Drink Drive Convictions

When searching the internet, you may come across a company called Quotezone that will compare and quote online to provide the best quote possible. If you need a policy that covers convicted drivers then this may be the best solution with the market. Some insures over zero deposit and good finance options where some will need payment in full, if you are a new start or a new venture business. Can anyone get traders insurance in today’s market. The answer is yes but the question arises at what price and what endorsements are on the policy. People ask how much does 3 points affect motor trade insurance prices and the answer in truth is not a great deal.

Secondly by speaking to other traders and asking their advice. They can then tell you whether you need to declare spent convictions on car insurance and whether previously disqualified drivers can be offered cover. To learn more about disqualified drivers follow the link. They would also let you know if the insurance covers you for test drives and social domestic and pleasure. Also, they could help if you just wanted part time cover or were just working part-time from home rather than using a premises. Often individuals are just looking for multi vehicle trade insurance can you can see these at the broker reviews.

Often the person will be looking for cover for a new business and the go compare numerous quotes from a large number as brokers.  You may just have a car with NCB on a private car and again other car dealers you help provided test drives and social with these questions. Aviva can offer some good advice and you would need to look up their contact phone number online. They have an excellent claims service and MID login facility in order to get the cheapest quote and see a comparison of rates and costs. Aviva are one of the biggest insures in the UK and can help if the drivers are under 25 years old. The can also allow access to a forum so you can speak to other companies.

Motor Trade Insurance Convictions

Thirdly by looking at trade magazines and trade websites. There are many sites that help with new start operations and driver just starting to sell cars online from home. Certain sites will help if the main driver are under 23 years old or under 25 years old. The certificate cost for young drivers will be higher with a lower age. This is because young newly passed driver are a higher risk and more likely to have claim than an older driver with more experience and no points or convictions on their licence.

The best quotes are often available on line or speak to a specialist broker that can help if you have unusual circumstances. To get more information click here. Getting the lowest quote for your motor trade insurance policy may not always be the best as you need to check the endorsements and limitations.

Fourthly, and perhaps mostly importantly brokers can be the best source of information. There are many questions you may ask. Such as Can I drive a cars that’s on a trade insurance policy or what do I do if I have been refused part time traders insurance. In a situation where you just have a minor offence or a serious driving conviction or may be all your points are more than 5 years old the traders insurance broker will give you all the answers. Consider speaking to Nash Warren Bollingtons or Onesure.

Each drivers licence is different and each broker will have a different view on the best insurer. Think whether you need fully compor just 3rd party. Your post code will have significant bearing on the price and the cost as certain posted are rated higher than others.