Explaining Motor Trade Insurance

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Demystifying traders insurance
An insurance broker needs to be able to explain your policy, and why it is a good fit for your business

How can I can an insurance broker explain the right motor trade insurance for my business?

Have you ever listened on the phone to a specialist broker explaining motor trade insurance policy particulars and ended the call. Not having understood a single word they said? We work in the motor trade industry day in day out and talk to some of these people too. We discuss insurance so the man on the street understands what they are buying. Quite right that motor trade specialists know all about policy details when it comes to parts returns and vehicle emissions. But we can't know every detail about mileage limitations, tonnage exceptions and differing transport goods clauses when it's not a daily task. It's better to talk for free to TradeWell Insurance and listen to a trained broker explaining motor trade insurance. Answering questions with confidence along the way. To acquire a  comprehensive guide and more knowledge as to what is happening in the market go to a bespoke underwriter.

Why is it essential that my insurance broker explains the factors influencing the cost of my policy?

It's hard for us to say, but explaining motor trade insurance benefits and a customer realising it costs to cancel and move away from a current insurer. It's difficult to admit that sometimes the industry has to have exceptions on certain drivers with convictions or if under the age of 25. At the very least after talking to us you'll fully understand why. Instead of walking away with higher premiums, higher excess on claims and buying all classes of Goods In Transit and not having needed too. Knowledge is what gets you savings, actions and providing the details about them does too. We will throw the entire insurance handbook at you if you'll stay on the phone long enough.

How will TradeWell explain motor trade insurance?

Explaining motor trade insurance defines who we are. Extra locks, insurer supplied telematics and cam for added back up for a claim for or against. Combined motor trade insurance with premises insurance, specialist motorcycle insurance. Explaining motor trade insurance is the highlight of our day, call us and we'll meet your HGV, car showroom or haulier needs head on. Our brokers will not try to wrap you up in a glossary of terms. After putting down the phone you will fully understand the policy you have purchased. Knowing what class of Goods in Transit you have and why. That you definitely didn't need EU breakdown recovery or green card and that you saved loads as mileage was under a certain amount. And if you need to have someone explaining motor trade insurance quotations or policy points, you'll have their name and know who to ask for in the future. We don't leave you alone and speak to you at renewal time, we're here 24 hours day to offer support. It's what you pay for.