Cheap Motor Trade Insurance

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Providing more detail about your business will help reduce your motor trade premiums
Providing more detail about your business will help reduce your motor trade premiums

Finding competitive and cheap motor trade insurance premiums online is an easy three step process. You can follow these steps to get a cheaper insurance premium for your motor business

The first stage is to understand that the cheapest trade insurance policy is not the best.

How can a specialist broker help me find cheap motor trade insurance?

Next, seeking out a knowledgeable and specialist broker, who provides information up front, is important. For any type of motor related business, whether car valeter, car showroom or haulier, it is necessary that a policy is tailored to your business needs. This is where TradeWell Insurance differs from other insurance trade brokers. While interested in your custom, we ensure you pay the lowest premiums long term, and receive a custom built motor trade policy. Full time or part time, self employed, partners or with employees, a range of trade specific cover to ensure you meet UK laws and are covered in any eventuality. We even compare insurance deals daily to stay competitive. To see how  get additional information and advice and know the advantages of  this cover go to ours cars page.

After dealing with our specialist cheap motor trade insurance brokers, you'll ask for them by name the next time you have a query? Why? Because on a daily basis they dish out tips and advice on the correct class of Goods in Transit cover. They persuade you that while a slight inconvenience, insurer telematics, cams and software help in reducing monthly trade insurance payments. If you can get a mileage discount you'll be told. Don't need EU cover, can benefit from trade plates or get cheaper motor trade insurance with collective no claims bonuses, again, advised.

How can providing detailed information can actually decrease your insurance premiums?

Finally, use all the information you have, to find a competitive quote, which covers, all road risks and, if required, combined business premises insurance. Indemnity cover is tailored not standard. Cover from home address is possible too.

At TradeWell Insurance, our expert brokers stand ready to answer your questions. No matter how niche you believe your business to be, we narrow down particulars so you don't pay a penny more than needed. With access to a range of databases informing of parts lifetime, vehicle history and criminal history, we'll reduce your annual payments. At the same time, you won't be caught short on claims values should an accident occur. An event can cripple your business if not adequately covered. With the correct levels of indemnity and liability insurance, a full defence and prosecution are at your disposal.

How to find out more about cheap motor trade insurance

For quick cheap motor trade insurance and cover within the hour, complete stage three and call or complete our brief enquiry form and we'll get back to you straight away.