The benefits of having a part time motor trade insurance policy

A part time motor trade insurance policy can help to protect your assets, customers, and overall business.

Anyone that runs a business has to protect themselves, and that includes those that run part-time operations. While there’s a reduced risk of something going wrong compared with large, full-time businesses, there’s still a risk. And that’s especially true if you work with motor vehicles, which are both high in value and come with an increased chance of injury regardless if you are working full time or on a part time basis.
If you’re buying and selling vehicles, restoring classic cars, or offering mobile mechanic services on a part time basis, then you need part time motor trade insurance.

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Protect Your Investments

Working in the motor trade can be inherently expensive. Even if you’re working from home, you’ll still have a lot of your financial well-being tied up in the cars you’re waiting to sell, or the work vehicle you use as part of your mechanic service. You may also have expensive equipment that allows you to work on more complex restoration jobs. If they’re valuable to you, they’ll be valuable to you. Good motor trade insurance can ensure your valuable assets are covered against loss and theft, which in turn helps to protect your investments.

Protect Your Customers' Assets

Trust is at the heart of the customer/business relationship, and that’s true even if you’re running a side hustle. Your customers want to have faith that their valuable vehicle is in safe hands. Of course, as with all businesses, there’s also a chance that things can go wrong. If you have an incident that results in damage to your customer’s vehicle, then your part time motor trade insurance policy can help ensure you can remedy the issue without severe financial penalty.

Legal Coverage

Accidents can happen anywhere. If a client has an incident while at your premises, then you may be responsible for any related financial compensation, even if you work from home and the incident took place on your property. Many at-home business owners are surprised to learn that their home insurance policy usually does not cover business-related incidents, including those that happen to your customers. If a client falls and slips while visiting your business premises, part time motor trade insurance will provide the legal coverage that protects your finances. 

It Offers Peace of Mind

It’s tough enough running a part time business without worrying what would happen if something goes wrong. With part time motor trade insurance, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that, no matter what happens, you’ll have a high level of protection that can ensure the continuity of your operations, even in the event of an unwelcome incident.

The Bottom Line Part Time Motor Trade Insurance Policies

You’ll be hoping for the best for your motor trade business. But it’s always important to prepare for the worst. Motor trade insurance policies offer a valuable level of protection against the many things that could go wrong when you’re working with expensive machinery, tools, and the public. To get a quote, get in touch with Traders Insurance today.