Motor Trade Insurance Deals

Policies from £39.25 Per Month

install telematics and dashboard cams
install telematics and dashboard cams and your monthly insurance premiums can be lessened

What should I look for when trying to get the best deal on my motor trade insurance?

If you have just received one of many motor trade insurance deals from your current insurer. It's probably near the renewal date. 99% of the time we can match or beat your current trade insurance deal without quibble. Monthly insurance premiums can go up and down and often businesses are too busy to shop around. That's where a preferred service and specialist broker can help. With so many offers by competing UK motor trade insurers, one is guaranteed to suit your business needs. The most common insurance offers with trade vehicles is insurer supplied software and technology. Should you install telematics and dashboard cams, your monthly insurance premiums can be lessened. Due to any claim being recorded and driving history tracked, evidence can be used in court as defence or prosecution or a claim dropped entirely. This significantly heightens the chances of winning a case, hence the reduction in trade insurance costs - especially across multiple vehicles.

How can I ensure I have all the insurance coverage I search for a new insurance deal?

Offers of cheap motor trade insurance deals can come with a catch. You have to be sure to read all the terms of a promotion. Specific reductions may surround under 25 years trade insurance or 'with convictions' but you have be wary of exceptions that may interfere with trading ability. Discounted trade insurance may only apply for a certain period, the first three or six months and then return to normal or at a higher rate. Consider if you're really saving any money at all. Combined motor trade insurance is also worthwhile if buildings insurance is separate. Deals can still be tailored with breakdown recovery, public liability, indemnity insurance and Goods in Transit all built in.

What practical steps can I take to get a good deal on my traders insurance?

Discount motor trade insurance deals do not always require an existing offer. If at the time of searching you do not find a better deal, there are ways you can reduce monthly premiums yourself. Through additional security, restricting mileage and parking overnight in a secure area. Combining these deals and talking with a broker for other tips and advice could save you hundreds more in the long run. To gain information on the latest motor trade insurance deals that are available to you and your company, call us today. Alternatively complete the quick quote form and a broker will call you back at your earliest convenience. Remember, the stats show most businesses save money when switching trade insurance supplier, you could benefit by getting a cheaper quote today.