Motor Trade Insurance OVER 25

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Motor trade business owned by over 25 year old
How to compare insurance policies and get motor trade insurance when you are over 25

If you are involved in the motor trade and experienced, being over 25 shouldn't matter

What's wrong with being over twenty five years of age? You've probably found that expensive motor trade insurance over 25 online quotes are the norm. Pick up the phone now and call TradeWell Insurance. It's quite possible we'll not only beat prices competitively but get exclusions lessened too. The problem insurers have is that stats don't lie. People over the age of 25 are in and cause more accidents than any other age group. In any case you will need to have held a driving licence for at least one year before being considered and under 21s will face more exclusions than a person driving for more than three years. If you are involved in the motor trade and experienced, age shouldn't matter - we agree.

Practical steps to help you to get motor trade insurance when you are over 25

However it does and to get cheap motor trade insurance over 25 premiums you'll need to fight underwriters at the top UK insurance houses to get the best deal. That's where we step in. Advanced driving courses, no convictions, good driving history. As well as the installation of telematics, dashboard cams and using supplied software and driving apps. These can all help reduce over 25 motor trade insurance costs. It's not that you'll be flat denied a policy, it just may be too expensive to justify. If you're a new driver and this is your first insurance package, you'll need a recurring no claims bonus to qualify for immediate discounts. You may be able to transfer a personal NCB to new traders insurance for over 25s. Are inner cities more expensive from a cover point of view?     

What to expect from a motor trade insurance when you are over 25?

Being over 25 means you have to accept that when you compare motor trade insurance over 25 policy documents you will have exclusions. This means you cannot drive just any vehicle. Certain high valued luxury cars, powerful vehicles and high tonnage may be kept out of reach. For a few years at least. If you are hoping to start a new motor trade business involving any of these, it may be worthwhile getting a partner or employee to see out these tasks. You can still operate a business in a low powered vehicle, tools, equipment and breakdown recovery still apply. As can trade plates, premises insurance, you'll just have to suck it and see it out until NCBs mount up or insurer acknowledges your safe driving record.

To buy motor trade insurance over 25 and understand all the exclusions that may apply, complete the quick enquiry form. We'll call at your earliest convenience to discuss ways round being accepted and how to form your niche trade business so you can meet the demands and serve your future clients.