Part Time Motor Trade Insurance

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Motor traders working from home
What do I need to think about when working as a part time motor trader from home?

It's a person's dream to make a living from a hobby. The online part time motor trade insurance quote that we provide makes dreams come true. Our brokers are all to happy to assist in offering helpful tips and advice on how to lower your monthly insurance premiums.

What do I need to apply for part time motor traders insurance?

You do need to prove you are either an active buyer, seller or repair cars. As this insurance policy comes with quite a lot of perks. Built on a form of normal car insurance, the dangers of driving for your part time business are built on top. Therefore social and domestic use is included as standard. This just leaves you to consider high end machinery left in your vehicle and the tools you carry around.

While it is a simpler for part time motor trade insurance premiums, you do need to be up front about your exact services. As a trader you are legally obliged to have a variety of liability cover, to protect yourself and the public. This would be public liability to a certain value, for services and sales of vehicles, indemnity insurance. This covers parts and manual work in the event a claim occurs because of an accident or parts failure.

How does working as a part time motor trader, from home, affect my home insurance?

Please do note that your normal home insurance needs to be advised of work at home activity, especially when it comes to working on vehicles and having visitors to your home. In most cases normal home insurance doesn't cover additional work related events.

This policy covers all work related activity at your home. It can be tailored to be a fully inclusive 'with premises' policy should you have an additional building you work from. Home addresses do not typically apply but you can contact us for further information. Your tools and vehicles will be covered for theft and fire / damage whether in your garage, in the vehicle or at third party premises such as a subcontractor.

How can I find suitable insurance for my part time motor trade specialism?

All road risks with breakdown recovery and extra attention paid to more dangerous part time jobs such as on call breakdown recovery agent, tipper or high end, luxury car and sports car transporter.

How do I find the best insurance for my part time motor trade business?

To discuss the best part time motor trade insurance policy this side of full time work, do please complete the short enquiry form. We will endeavour to call back at your earliest convenience.