Can Part Timers Work In The Motor Trade Industry

The motor trade industry covers a vast array of services and business types, employing both full time and part time staff. In fact a high percentage of what is termed, a new start business, may begin as an entrepreneur working from home while holding down another job initially.
Due to the wealth of knowledge gained by an individual in any variety of specialist areas such as breakdown recovery, mechanic, panel beaters or body repair technicians to valeter ,  their time over just a few hours can bring rewards for an independent motor trader or as a contractor to a full time garage or MOT centre.

Irrespective of how many hours are worked in the motor trade, a person will require a form of motor trade insurance to cover their activities. No matter how small in value. It is legally required by law and home insurance just doesn't cut it. An insurer offering protection for the home tends not to cover third party vehicles that are being operated on, or accidents befallen by visitors that are doing so to oversee work or test drive (Demonstration Cover) / pick up a vehicle. Get more information about payment solutions. Furthermore, typical house insurance may cover for theft of a television, jewellery up to a certain amount and any damage during the process, but high value motor trade tools and equipment that may be kept in a garage or a parked vehicle on the driveway would tip such a policy over the limit. Even with a high excess an insurer prefers you to be up front about a property’s particulars, especially if with mortgage - it is paramount to inform them that work on classic cars or parking a breakdown recovery truck with accident damaged vehicle in tow overnight is a prospect. Part time will still need an insurance policy so  compare all the policies and prices online.

Which Part Time Motor Trade Insurance Covers My Activity?

If you are a part time mechanic with a new start business, or a wheeler dealer shifting motors from your own home, there's a specialist motor trade insurance policy waiting for you. A policy so suit a part-time sales person will be cheap than a full timer .Most policies are similar and all it takes for the best broker to offer the cheapest online quote is the details of an existing / future set up and underwriters will value the individual costs with a quick turnaround. Enabling the buyer to compare the online quote in an instant.  We can point you in the right direction if you have convictions .  Some insurers only apply a small loading if a worker has a DR10  or   IN 10.   A small enterprise (SME) still needs all the policy particulars that can be found within a larger full time model text, the parts will simply be fine tuned to offer the cheapest motor trade policy possible particularly in big  inner cities. A policy should contain aspects such as demonstration cover for selling from home and test driving, road risks insurance for cover of third party cars, public liability cover for any accidents derived while pursuing the sale, as well as tools in transit cover if the model is that of a mechanic or breakdown recovery agent.

Aspects that can affect the price of the motor trader online quote are similar to that of other insurance policies. Location and if there's much local criminal activity which may increase over time the monthly premiums, the amount of cars sold per year or classic cars repaired, three to five or more, the value of the equipment and tools stored at home or in the vehicle and of course, claims history - No NCB (no claims bonuses). When seeking trade insurance for the motor industry with convictions it is important for convicted drivers to reveal their past dating back at least seven years. Although the insurer has access to this information, it shows trust and provides a little boost in the reputation department. Any number of prior run ins and points totals such as driving or attempting to drive with alcohol level above limit (DR10 with points), even driving bans can see an applicant walk away with a policy albeit at a higher premium, but the best broker will always try to find the cheapest option for the business activity.

Getting The Cheapest Online Quote From The Best Broker

Recommendations from those in the business is a good way to source a reliable motor trade broker. By far the best way to gain a cheap quote is to offer the most details and create opportunities rather than expecting discounts from the outset. Is the work from home premises as secure as it could be?
Should extra locks be fitted and show proof? CCTV? Alarm system?  What are the benefits of a full or part time policy.  Is the vehicle that holds tools parked in a garage or fenced area? If seeking a policy with convictions, demonstrate the new lease of life and the focus on the new start business. Selling and flipping cars and building trust with customers is a priority but sell the application to the broker and underwriter first.