Brexit Changes to Motor Trade Insurance with Convictions

There are a number cases where drivers who have convictions and points on their licence that have been refused cover as often the insurers will not want to offer any cover. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of using a broker. If you are a driver with multiple convictions eg a DR10 then you need to ensure all the details are correct like the number of years no claims bonus and if additional business use is needed or any driver, any age policy is required. If you are young driver with convictions and the Brexit changes will not help and assist you as the recent legislation is not in your favour.  There are pros and cons in having trades insurance versus a fleet policy particularly if you are a new start or new venture motor business. A lot of the trade is found in Birmingham which has a long history in the sector and the EU import changes have affected the movement of goods however the Boris Johnson deal in December has hugely helped the UKs position in the automotive market. If you wanted to look into and investigate the options for young drivers click here.

The world has changed a great deal in recent years particularly with the likes Facebook Instagram and Twitter and also the implementation of Brexit.   Social media allows young people to communicate with anyone else. This is positive when the platform is used if you are looking for information about getting part time motor trade insurance online quote which will allow individuals to find a comparison and compare the offerings in the market.

Depending on whether you are full time or part time it is advisable to research and gather all the options before you open a business, a broker will help and check up on all the legal documents that are required and see what changes when convictions are incurred. In certain circumstances the case may well go to court and they could take months or even years. Brexit and Covid 19 have meant that courts are very much delayed and the time from when the offence happen to when the points are issued is now much longer and it takes a lot  longer to discover the facts  as there is a shortage of judges and legal staff in the judicial system. In summary Brexit has significantly altered matters and it always pays to do your own research before getting a quote. Please feel to call us if any other questions arise when looking for a policy. As specialists in the sector verbal help is always close to hand.