Motor Trade Insurance

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Motor traders on premesis
There can be advantages to combining road risks and business premises insurance

If you want to be a motor trader, you'll need specialist insurance coverage from the outset, and a form of public liability insurance built in. It's required by law, and applies to those who work out of business premises, as well as part time from home. To get a better understanding and fully comprehend these polices click here

What are the main advantages of specialist motor trade insurance?

There are perks of trade insurance policies, such as trade plates for untaxed vehicles on the road, and sometimes, free MID access, which is why you'll need to prove you are active in the industry. While you can cover personal vehicles with this policy, it can't be achieved the other way round. You will be asked for proof of receipts. A specialist brokers will ask a range of questions, to discover whether you will benefit from all road risks only, or if with buildings insurance should be combined too.

Why should I talk to a specialist insurance broker for motor trade insurance policy?

Comparing motor trade insurance online is easy. If you call our brokers directly they will be able to do this for you much quicker. Through working with the UK's top insurers and the very best underwriters, securing you the tailored policy is our number one priority.

What types of motor trade insurance are there?

If you don't fully understand what an insurance policy does, simply ask. There are two key categories of motor trade cover:

All road risks insurance

All road risks which offers protection for you, your vehicles and customers when on the road.

Combined road risks and business premises insurance

Combined business premises insurance provides additional cover for buildings you operate from. The tools and equipment kept inside insured against fire and theft and offer a custom solution for staff and visitors much like road risks when out and about.

What is included in motor trade insurance?

Motor trade insurance will include public liability insurance, employer's insurance and a range of health and sickness cover should you wish. You could also be covered for loss of licence, business interruption, and other any range of policy particulars that you may have had previously covered. Combining all these into one single monthly premium is cheaper long term. Policies offering mileage discounts, no claims bonuses options, under 25 and with criminal conviction cover are available. Policies can Include 24 hour support, full legal team, replacement vehicle and dangerous good inclusion, if necessary.

What is the best way to find the right motor trade insurance for my business?

In a very short period of time you could have the best motor trade insurance quote for your business, with full policy particulars, and cover starting today. Whether you are without a policy, don't wish to renew with a current insurer or simply need advice or motor trade tips, complete our quick quote form and we'll call back at your earliest convenience.