Cheapest Motor Trade Insurance

5 Ways To Get The Cheapest Motor Trade Insurance

Cheap Insurance: Policies from £39.25 Per Month 

Get Cheap Motor Trade Insurance
Get Cheap Motor Trade Insurance

Increase your excess and think about who you are insuring and what cars and vehicles

Its worth actually thinking who will be on the policy and are they actually needed or could they be added at a later date. You could also restrict the social domestic and pleasure element as this will help keep the price and overall costs lower. You can have a compulsory excess and a voluntary one so its important to decide which one you would like,  if you add a voluntary excess it’s a quick and easy way to reduce the premium. A specialist insurance broker will be able to advise you and this will
help you to find the cheapest motor trade insurance quote and let you build up your NCB ( no claims bonus ) over the forth coming years.

Keep your claims to the minimum

It may seem obvious but if you can remain claims free and perhaps even pay some of the smaller claims yourself you are much more likely to reduce your insurance quote at renewal time. It may seem that insurance is only worth it when you claim but insurers do not like to see high claims frequencies where there lots of small claims. Also the is a lot of paperwork with a claim which is very costly to the insurer and labour costs are going up and up with the cost of living crisis. In summary it always pays to contain the claims wherever possible.

Speak to Specialist Motor trade insurance broker that can offer independent advice and knowledge

The  broker who is specialist will have more options than a general broker because he or she will deal with these types of risk on a daily basis. They can approach several underwriters and explain your risk in more detail so that they can fully understand exactly what you are looking for. In shopping around you will more likely find the very cheapest online cost in the whole market.

Choose your location carefully and make sure all your vehicle safe and very secure

It make sense that some post codes are more that others . Traditionally inner cities like Liverpool, London and Birmingham were rated higher. This is because there is generally a higher level of crime and theft in the inner city areas that the rural areas with less population. So the answer is check out how you postcode is rated before you rent or buy a business premises. Obviously if you are currently working from home, possibly due to covid then you will need to just to use you home postcode. It may depend if you are working part-time or full time as to whether you need a premises.

Cheap Motor Trade Insurance

Don t leave your renewal to the last minute and pay in full

It is vastly more attractive to the insurer if the client pays in full as this demonstrates that the customer is running a smooth well backed financially operation. Also there is the cost of the credit online as the lenders like Close Brothers  or Premium Credit  will charge between 6 to 9% interest which is another cost on top. Also if it is paid in one go if anything changes and the cover is reduced the there will be an RP or refund premium to the customer.