The financial benefits of having a part time motor trade insurance policy

Do you run your motor trade business part time?
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Do you run your motor trade business part time?

Working in the motor trade can be lucrative, but not everyone does it full-time. When it's business that you conduct part-time, there can be some unique factors to consider. You're not running a business 24/7, so that might make you think that you don't need all of the things that a larger business requires. However, you could leave yourself and your business vulnerable if you're not careful about ticking the right boxes.

Insurance is one of the things you need to take seriously when running a motor trade business. It helps to protect you and your business, but it's also there to help protect the public. If you're engaging in the buying, selling or repair of motor vehicles, even just part-time, the right insurance is crucial. Taking out a part-time motor trade insurance policy gives you some excellent benefits so that you can have peace of mind and keep your business running smoothly.

Save Money with the Right Policy

You're not conducting your business full-time, so you don't need an insurance policy that covers a full-time business. What you need is insurance that is tailored to your needs, and that's exactly what a part-time motor trade insurance policy is. You can ensure it matches the requirements of your business and you won't be overpaying for your insurance policy. You can use this type of policy to cover both vehicles that you're buying, selling or working on, and your own vehicles that you might be using for other purposes.

Cover Work-from-Home Activity

Working part-time in the motor trade often means working from home. You may not need to have a separate garage or other workspace. Customers might even bring their vehicles to your home. Your normal home insurance likely doesn't cover this type of activity, which could leave you financially vulnerable. Fortunately, your motor trade insurance can make sure that you're covered when you're working from home. You can make sure you have the right type of liability cover and that the premises you work from are covered too.

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Protect Your Business Assets

Even if you only run your business part-time, you likely still have various business assets that you use to help you do it. This could include tools and equipment or perhaps a vehicle or two that you require to conduct your business. These assets should have the proper protection to help you out in the event of any damage or theft that could occur.

Get Liability Coverage

When you apply for part-time motor trade insurance, be sure to be honest about the activities that you're carrying out. Liability insurance is a must for many of these types of businesses, helping to protect you if anything goes wrong for you or your customers. If an accident occurs or there is a problem with a part or something that you sell, liability coverage ensures you're not left dealing with the financial fallout yourself. Your insurance can help you out with legal claims or other expenses that could arise from these situations. Different types of liability coverage could be included in your insurance policy. Some of the most popular types of liability policy include employer's liability (which is legally required if you have any employees) and public liability insurance.

Protect Vehicles on the Road

Part-time motor trade insurance can also protect any vehicles while you're driving them and even when customers are driving them. For example, if a customer wants to take a car for a test drive before purchasing, your policy can cover you in these circumstances. There are often times when you may need to drive vehicles in your possession, even if it's only for short distances. If you were to have an accident or damage the vehicle in any way, this could leave you out of pocket. Make sure you have the right insurance for these circumstances.

Use a Specialist Broker to Get the Right Insurance

A number of factors can affect what you pay for part-time motor trade insurance. For example, the type of business you run, its location, size and revenue, employees, and how many days per year you run your business can all make a difference. If you want to get a good deal on your insurance, you should use a specialist broker to find the best deal. Using a broker specialising in motor trade insurance will help you to find cheap deals that give you the coverage you need for your business. Compare quotes to find the right provider and policy and make sure you're not overpaying for your insurance.


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