Combined Motor Trade Insurance

Policies from £39.25 Per Month

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Business premesis for motor trader
Motor traders could save money by combining all road risks with business premises insurance

How can I ensure I have the right insurance policy for my business premises and my drivers?

Motor trade combined garage insurance otherwise known as combined motor trade insurance, covers any motor related business with premises. If you have separate policies for vehicles and buildings. Pay multiple monthly premiums, this document and it's particulars can save you hundreds to thousands of pounds on an annual basis. It's not just garages and MOT Centres that can benefit. Car show rooms, both new and second hand. Transporters, hauliers, HGV drivers with dangerous Goods in Transit cover. Any business that receives an income from buying, selling or maintain cars from a business only building can double up. If you operate from home, most do not class home address as an accepted business address. Additional clauses may need to be written in for part time combined motor trade insurance quotations.

Why is my motor trade insurance policy and important investment?

The most concerning aspect of setting up in the motor trade is the insurance cost. The cheapest combined motor trade insurance can still cost a pretty sum. It's the sensible route to take if you have multiple vehicles, require all road risks and wish to shore up on premises insurance. It still includes everything you need legally as options. Public liability cover for visitors and staff. Material damage for buildings, contents and vehicles with engineering inspection. All the work you carry out will be covered by a form of indemnity insurance that relates to the exact services you offer customers. Should a claim arise a full and prompt legal team will assist as prosecution and defence. Compare all the  best brokers in the UK.    

Can other types of business can benefit from combining their road risks and business premises insurance?

Motorcycle traders, car dismantlers, breakdown recovery agents and vehicle repairers all benefit by merging their existing policies at TradeWell Insurance.

Can an insurance broker find an insurance which adapts with changes to my premises and fleet requirements?

Comparing combined motor trade insurance discounts is still the norm as if it was a standard policy. Replacement vehicles, business interruption and employer's liability. With discounts for combined no claim driver bonuses, multiple vehicle cover and options on free days on European green card. Expansion of your business is on our minds too. Named drivers, additional vehicles, trade plates, access to MID database. You only need purchase clauses you need now. A 24 hour support line will allow you to update your new combined motor trade insurance policy. No matter if you are a car showroom manager, car valeter, haulier or transporter. Call our trade insurance advisors and the details you provide will form the fastest combined motor trade insurance quote in the West. We will call you are the appointed time you declare.